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About KingdomGame
A browser based game, pitting you against thousands of other players, online in a real time ongoing strategy game. You can build new buildings; attack and spy on other Kingdoms; build diplomatic relations through the embassy; buy and sell goods at the market..
- all while you work towards the ultimate goal of being the Ruler of the known world.

News and Announcements
2016-02-09 05:24Z Release V1.088-2

Minor Update (V1.088-2) to fix the NW rankings table so that it doesn't show you can attack when you actually can't.

2016-02-08 21:21Z Release V1.088

Release V1.088 has been released - people will only be able to attack down to three quarters of their Network now, rather than half. In addition to that the damage on an Overwhelming Victory has been reduced (as have other attack losses). Lastly, there has been a change to storms which means that those kingdoms with lower networth will not receive such bad storm damage.

2014-06-29 16:06Z Hacking Issues

There have been a number of issues with unauthorised access to the system which has been used to change some kingdom data. Greg and I are going through the system to ascertain the entry point and to close it - we will be reporting the issue to the authorities (of whichever country those responsible for the access come from). There may be a roll back of data to last week Mondays time - all people who have used the exploit will be banned from the game permenantly.

2013-08-09 08:23Z NWOT Issue

There was a database issue last night which has resulted in the NWOT DB becoming corrupted, we will be fixing it up over the weekend.

2013-06-29 08:23Z Core World Groups Merge

The new core world combinations are now live and the W1-3 group and the W4-7 group can both see other - let the battles begin!

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Rulers online now: 46

Realm One : Ralmerio

Realm Two : Silaar

Realm Three : Tavros

World One : Alluvia

World Two : Barthza

World Three : Cael

World Four : Darav'ela

World Five : Esnoth

World Six : Fenarres

World Seven : Gasn'or

World Eight : Huult
Non-Alliance Server
World Nine : Inic
Attack Capped Server
You can only lose 30% of your land in 24 hours on this server.

World Ten : Veritas
Veteran Server
Facebook Worlds
World 21: Akkarria

World 22: Berestil

World 23: Counar

SUPPORT REQUESTS: Please post all support requests in the "support requests" forum in the general forums, I will endeavour to answer requests asap!

Support Requests Forum

Due to the very high take up of KingdomGame, I'm going to have to open a few more servers. I would very willingly accept any donations to keep this game free to everyone to play!