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About KingdomGame
A browser based game, pitting you against thousands of other players, online in a real time ongoing strategy game. You can build new buildings; attack and spy on other Kingdoms; build diplomatic relations through the embassy; buy and sell goods at the market..
- all while you work towards the ultimate goal of being the Ruler of the known world.

News and Announcements
2014-06-29 16:06Z Hacking Issues

There have been a number of issues with unauthorised access to the system which has been used to change some kingdom data. Greg and I are going through the system to ascertain the entry point and to close it - we will be reporting the issue to the authorities (of whichever country those responsible for the access come from). There may be a roll back of data to last week Mondays time - all people who have used the exploit will be banned from the game permenantly.

2013-08-09 08:23Z NWOT Issue

There was a database issue last night which has resulted in the NWOT DB becoming corrupted, we will be fixing it up over the weekend.

2013-06-29 08:23Z Core World Groups Merge

The new core world combinations are now live and the W1-3 group and the W4-7 group can both see other - let the battles begin!

2013-06-22 23:00Z Core Kingdom Updates

ADVANCED NOTICE : As discussed on the forums the core worlds are going to be combined this coming weekend (the weekend of the 28th/29th June).

2013-06-07 23:00Z Core World Reset?

Do you think the core worlds should be reset?
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Rulers online now: 27

Realm One : Ralmerio

Realm Two : Silaar

Realm Three : Tavros

World One : Alluvia

World Two : Barthza

World Three : Cael

World Four : Darav'ela

World Five : Esnoth

World Six : Fenarres

World Seven : Gasn'or

World Eight : Huult
Non-Alliance Server
World Nine : Inic
Attack Capped Server
You can only lose 30% of your land in 24 hours on this server.

World Ten : Veritas
Veteran Server
Facebook Worlds
World 21: Akkarria

World 22: Berestil

World 23: Counar

SUPPORT REQUESTS: Please post all support requests in the "support requests" forum in the general forums, I will endeavour to answer requests asap!

Support Requests Forum

Due to the very high take up of KingdomGame, I'm going to have to open a few more servers. I would very willingly accept any donations to keep this game free to everyone to play!